• What is Platform training? 

    Platform training is nothing new, in fact, animal trainers working in Zoos have been using them for decades. A platform is just raised surfaced that your dog can stand, sit or lied down on (see the above photo). The size and raised nature of the platform make teaching and learning new skills easier for both learner and handler.

    The Workshop

    Training with platforms is great fun and can be used to train all kinds of things. They are great training aid for teaching dogs positions such as Front, Heel and Close and ensure that you get a nice straight position without that wonky back end sticking out. If your dog struggles with the concept of "stay" platforms can be a game changer and if your dog struggles with performing behaviours anywhere but in front of you then this will transform your training...and that's just some of the things you can use platforms for.

    As an added bonus platform training can also help your dog learn better body awareness and better mobility which can be really helpful down the line when our dogs get more senior.
    We'll work on teaching your dog to target a platform, work on different positions including front, heel, close and behind, discuss and introduce concepts of behaviours at distance, and move on to multi-platforms where handlers can work on tidy transitions from one position to another and explore other uses like keeping position in loose leash walking, elongating stride, walking sideways. We'll then introduce and work on "podiums", teaching your dogs to work their back end which is great for proprioception, stretching out and keeping in heel or close positions while negotiating tight turns (pivots).

    Your Instructor

    Aileen Hodgson - see About Aileen

    Who is it for

    This workshop is for anyone that has a dog from pet owners to canine professionals. An understanding of basic marker training will be an advantage but not essential. All exercises can be modified to be made easier or more challenging to ensure everyone gets the most out of this workshop. If you are not sure if this workshop is for you please feel free to give me a call or drop me an email to find out.

    What is the cost

    Handler places - £50
    Spectator places - £20