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  • Do you wish you could take your canine companion to dog-friendly places, but worry about how they'll behave? Join us for a unique course that will help you prepare your furry friend for café outings!


    Who is it for


    Owners and their dogs that would like to improve their dog's manners and brush up on training in preparation for visiting dog-friendly establishments. This course is open to dogs over the age of 6 months or who have previously attended our Puppy Course. Dogs should be comfortable around other dogs and people.


    If your dog is reactive or struggles to be around people and other dogs and perhaps barks a lot, this is not the workshop for you, however, I would be happy to help you with this on a one-to-one basis.




    Classes are held at Mid Atholl Hall, Ballinluig, just off the A9.




    The classes will run on a Thursday evening at 7:30pm on November 2nd, 9th & 16th.


    What you’ll learn


    Over the course of three weeks, you'll learn how to prepare and set your dog up for café success. Learn skills including food manners, loose lead techniques, and settling in a designated spot. Additionally, we'll cover important topics such as body language and how to read your dog's cues.


    You will also receive an electronic copy of our Canine Cafe Handbook, which includes information on how we train, why we train that way, notes and video links on the skills covered, as well as a section on how to troubleshoot common challenges.


    Spaces available


    This exclusive course is limited to just four handler places to ensure you receive plenty of personalised attention.




    The price of this course is £60 and includes a digital copy of K9-Kind's Canine Cafe Handbook.


    Unlock the door to dog-friendly adventures with your canine companion! Book your place today!