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    Sue McIntyre

    Chubby Brown's Owner

    June 2023

    Chubby is a rescue brown Labrador who we got when he was a year old. Then came Covid and a relocation to Scotland. Now 3 years old, and whilst no trouble indoors, (apart from being a food thief), walking him was extremely challenging due to his strength and desire to greet other dogs. I would be very anxious on walks and tried to avoid encountering other dogs by choosing quieter places. Having tried various leads and a halti (which he hated) in exasperation I decided that I needed professional help.


    I was drawn to Aileen’s website as she gave me hope that “you can teach old dogs new tricks” Aileen’s help and guidance and practical one to one sessions have helped me to engage positively with Chubby and given me confidence that we can improve his impulsivity. Her back to basics loose leash walking training and engagement games have made a tremendous difference to Chubby’s loose lead walking. We have gone from being pulled constantly to nicely walking on a loose leash.


    I would highly recommend Aileen as a dog trainer who indeed lives up to her strapline - “Training with kindness in mind” …….. with owners as well as dogs. Thank you Aileen for making such a difference to to our lives and our walks with Chubby-Brown.

    Lesley Raeburn

    Sophie's Owner

    March 2023

    Have just completed one-to-one training sessions with Aileen working with my excitable 6-month-old Cock-a-chon. Truly personalised sessions focussing on areas I found difficult in training her. I had a list ready each time with questions which she went through patiently showing me training techniques to help. And they do help, I use them regularly now in my training.


    There are follow-up e-mails summarising our sessions and Aileen sends full training sheets to back them up. I have printed these out as a valuable reference. If I have any further questions or problems I know I can contact her.

    Aileen delivers a professional service in a very friendly, understanding manner.

    Ellis Watson

    Woof the Wirehaired Pointers's Owner

    August 2021

    Aileen has been utterly magnificent. I’m (A) a bloke so (B) don’t listen well and (C) think I know how to bring up Dogs, but thanks to her puppy classes and one lesson of a private 1:1, Woof the would-be nutter bearded pointer is developing into a respectful, attentive and only slightly feral member of the family. Aileen’s understanding of humans is as good as that of her knowledge of how to bring up dogs, & the methods, clarity and enjoyment of her counsel has been - literally - transformative. It’s a tiny amount of time and even smaller investment compared to the lifetime cost and import of raising your pooch, and I’ll always be grateful of her amazing talent and how Woof puts into action her counsel every loving moment of her silly, playful but almost actual well-behaved life. Thank you Aileen - from me and woof and every one she’ll now meet.

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    Lauren Craig

    Jock the Hungarian Viszla's Owner

    July 2021

    We arranged private puppy sessions with Aileen and the sessions were so helpful getting us on track with our new puppy. We can definitely see the benefit of the initial hard work that we have put in, with plenty training still to go.

    Aileen was even on hard for some much needed chats in between sessions for support and advice. I am sure we will need some refresher sessions as time moves on and I wouldn’t hesitate to contact her again for this.

    Would absolutely recommend!!!

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    Pam Baillie

    Tally the Lurcher's owner

    February 2021

    We thought, having always owned dogs, that we were experienced and responsible dog owners but we took on a lurcher puppy two years ago and quickly found ourselves becoming out of our depth. Contacting Aileen was an excellent decision which changed what was becoming a worrying and stressful relationship with our dog into one we could all enjoy.


    Aileen is very skilled at working with dogs and owners. She quickly established a rapport with all of us and working with her over several sessions became very interesting and enjoyable - and confidence-boosting. As well as her obvious knowledge and experience, she has the happy knack of being both clear and reassuring and her guidance gave us lots of ideas and techniques to work on. She also provides much practical written information and material as reinforcement. She continues to offer much helpful and accessible advice and we hope to continue the work in one of her classes when they resume. Working with her has made all the difference.

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    David Muggeridge

    Brodie's Owner

    December 2020

    We went to Aileen for private sessions (virtual and in-person) for puppy training of our springer spaniel Brodie. Aileen was fantastic right from the start getting us on track in the midst of lockdown as first time dog owners. Perseverance and kindness has been key and we are now reaping the rewards. We couldn't have got to where we are now with out her. Fantastic personable approach, love of dogs and knowledge are key to Aileen being a fantastic trainer. Thank you so much!

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    Gordon Meek

    Misty the Border Collie's Owner

    August 2019

    Our Misty has just completed her basic puppy training course. As this was our first puppy the course has been absolutely brilliant, it concentrates on building a bond with not only you but your family with your pup (course has a of a maximum six pups but all family members are welcome to attend training sessions) it provides the whole family with fun basic training techniques.
    Fun for both pup and trainer would definitely recommend.

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    Ruth McLaren

    Ruby the Cock-a-Poo's Owner

    August 2019

    We have just completed four one-to-one puppy training sessions in our own home with Ruby, a 16 week old cockapoo. Aileen first came when Ruby had been with us for only 2 days and it gave us a real sense of security knowing that we had someone coming to help us in these early days. We soon realised that we'd struck gold with Aileen! Not only did Ruby love her to bits, we found her so easy to work with and felt she really understood our situation. Never at any point did we feel patronised or silly for not getting it right or asking very basic questions... in fact, it was the complete opposite and we knew that Aileen really wanted the best outcome for us as owners as well as for Ruby. Aileen's knowledge and expertise of puppy behaviours and training techniques, as well as her undoubted love of dogs, instilled us with confidence that embarking on these classes had given us all the best start! We can't recommend Aileen highly enough and have found it a very positive experience to work with her in every way. Thanks again!

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    Graham Cunningham

    Tramp the Briard's Owner

    September 2018

    I certainly would recommend Aileen . I had a one to one prior to the classes commencing as I thought I would miss this first class ( I didn’t ) and it was excellent and very helpful and enlightening. I also thought Jane was a great assistant trainer and also very interested keen and helpful ... I’ll miss further training opportunities ...Aileen was an excellent and very patient and understanding instructor ... the dogs loved her and she seemed to have a natural affinity for the animals in the class and vice versa... Jane was also a great asset in every class

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    Kate Witte

    Holly and Max's Owner

    July 2018

    Can't rate Aileen's puppy training classes highly enough. Our two cavapoos have benefited so much from all the techniques we've learned, the information and even the socialising with other dogs has been fantastic. What I love is the whole approach is calm and force-free. You learn that force would never be needed and learn a lot about bonding with your dog and understanding each other. The dogs were never for a moment stressed or unhappy. Aileen is an absolute wealth of information, from food, to toys, leads, breeds and of course training techniques. She has a perfect balance of discipline and affection for the pups and it's just what we were hoping for from a trainer. Kids were made very welcome when they attended the classes with us also. So approachable and helpful. Don't hesitate to use K9 Kind, I'm so glad we did! Thanks Aileen x