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Basic Puppy Package

Perhaps you just need a little nudge in the right direction. With so many sources of information out there, saying so many different things, how do you sort the good advice from the bad. This session gives you the opportunity to get advice to help you deal with the puppy problems that you are currently dealing with and learn how to move forward setting both you and your puppy up for success in the future.
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Our Basic Puppy Package includes:

  • Our Puppy Handbook in electronic form (which includes tips on errorless toilet training from day one and sleeping through the night).
  • Our Dog Law Guide (Scotland) in electronic form.
  • An hour and a half private session to take place at your home.  The content of this session is really up to you but commonly covers how to deal with many of the normal puppy pitfalls such as puppy biting, the zoomies, toilet training but concentrating on the things that are affecting you specifically with your puppy. We also discuss socialisation versus socialising and how to do both safely, discuss equipment and training methods.