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    6:30 PM THURSDAY 28th MARCH


    Our 6-week course is for puppies aged from 11 weeks to 24 weeks old and provides a foundation of learning that you can continue to build on for years to come.


    Class numbers are limited to 6 puppies per class to ensure that everyone gets the attention they need.


    The course includes;

    • Our Puppy Handbook ebook
    • Our Dog Law Guide
    • Access to an online Puppy Toolbox
    • 6 In-Person Classes
    • Full written notes and homework after every class which include how-to videos to help keep you on track.

    You will get access to our online Puppy Toolbox as soon as your place on the course is confirmed. The Puppy Toolbox contains videos and handouts to help with setting up your home and getting ready to bring your puppy home, explaining how to deal with common puppy pitfalls such as puppy biting, the zoomies, toilet training and sleeping through the night. It also goes over the equipment you will need for class and how the training works.


    Each week at class, you’ll have fun engaging with your puppy and teaching them basic behaviours like Sit, Lie Down, Stay, Recall, among others and make a start on Loose Leash Walking. More importantly, though, you’ll build a great bond with your puppy and teach them that you are definitely worth paying attention to. You will also receive weekly notes and homework to help you and your puppy progress.


    Training methods are always force-free and are designed to avoid stress and frustration for your puppy.


    The full cost of the course of six classes is £80.00 and is payable in advance in order to reserve your space. If you'd like to attend the next block just click the "Book Your Place" button below or drop us an email at info@k9-kind.com if you have any queries.


    Training is something that everyone in the family should enjoy and we encourage the whole household to come along to classes. However, children under 10 will need to be supervised by an additional adult to the one that is in charge of the puppy – concentrating on training a puppy in class while supervising a child is often too much.