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    Loose Leash Walking Package - £120

    Tired of being dragged along during walks? Yearning for the peaceful strolls you imagined when you first decided to get a dog? Welcome to our Loose Leash Walking Package – the ultimate solution for transforming your walks into a harmonious bonding experience.


    I understand that transforming leash-pulling habits requires more than a quick fix. This comprehensive package is tailored to guide you and your dog through a journey of success. No more settling for brief solutions; our coaching provides progressive guidance and unwavering support, ensuring your commitment to achieving the walks you've always dreamed of.

  • What's included:

    • Session One: Foundation Building – In your initial session takes place at your home, we lay the groundwork for success. Learn how to prepare your dog for walks, establish essential skills, and create a solid foundation for loose leash walking.
    • Session Two: Putting Skills into Action – One week later, put your newfound skills to the test. Embark on a leash-guided adventure from your home with your pup as you begin to implement the techniques learned in the first session.
    • Session Three: Overcoming Distractions – Two weeks later, level up your training (this session can start from home or a nearby park depending on your progress). Discover strategies for handling distractions and managing frustration, ensuring that your walks remain a joyful experience for both you and your dog.
    • Written Notes: You don't need to worry about remembering everything I showed you after I've gone. I email you notes after each session which even include "how-to" video links.

    Invest in Success: For only £120, unlock the keys to successful loose leash walking. Not only will you make a great saving compared to pay-as-you-go sessions, but you'll also be making a commitment to a happier, healthier walking routine for you and your dog.


    We're not just here to fix a problem – we're here to empower you and your canine companion to achieve the harmonious walks you've always dreamed of. Say goodbye to leash-pulling woes and hello to joyful, connected strolls with your best friend. Book now and take that first step towards a leash-walking transformation that lasts a lifetime.